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Cooperation with Southern partners

Institute of Global Responsibility supports specific initiatives of Southern partners that seek to address the causes of injustice and improve mechanisms of development cooperation. So far, we have developed cooperation with civil society organisations in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

The Access Initiative

In 2008, IGO established cooperation with LEAT (Lawyers Environmental Action Team) in Tanzania within the framework of the international North-South project entitled "The Access Initiative. Good Environmental Governance - a prerequisite of sustainable development".

A meeting of local community in Mgabala, Tanzania

The initial aim of the project was to improve access to information in Tanzania and to increase public participation and accountability. The cooperation was then broadened to explicitly include advocacy in Poland in order to improve European contributions to development in Tanzania.

As part of the project IGO launched a publication on access to information and development cooperation. It includes detailed recommendations for Polish decision makers regarding the necessary alignment of Polish development aid to better reflect the priorities of Tanzanian civil society.

The right role in partnership

IGO understands its role as supporter, not the leader, in every development project within a Southern country. Even when we are the main applicant in a project proposal, partnership with Southern NGOs is always designed in a way that ensures our accountability and Southern partners ownership. We can bring resources, advise (if requested) and offer continued practical exchanges, but always it is as equal partners.

IGO has developed its own methodology for assessing the most strategic role we can play in addressing specific challenges in the South. The methodology combines academic knowledge with practical experience from the field work in the developing countries. It is based on a number of questions that address the structural causes of injustice and the roles of local civil society organisations and possible role of NGOs from Europe.

A field visit in Mityana  district, Uganda

In 2009 representatives of IGO made a visit to Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda to develop partnerships with local NGOs. Information exchanges, thorough discussions and field visits resulted in long-term cooperation arrangements with SEATINI Uganda and CEMIRIDE, Kenya.