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Research and advocacy

expertise, change, voice Institute of Global Responsibility (IGO) is one of the few Polish NGOs that conduct continuous research and advocacy work on aid effectiveness. We address development issues in the Polish, European, and global context with the human rights based approach.

Central to our mission we take position on the challenging areas of North-South relations and concentrate on Poland’s global responsibilities towards developing countries when it comes to trade, economic regulations and the social dimension of

IGO is a member of the Polish platform of development NGOs (Grupa Zagranica) and an active participant of its Aid Watch working group. Building on our own aid effectiveness research we regularly contribute chapters to the annual independent national report on Polish aid. We participate in drafting the Polish page in the CONCORD’s Aid Watch report and contribute to the numerous NGO joint publications on Polish development policy.

IGO has published a number of publications on Polish development assistance targeted at decision makers and NGOs themselves. The topics covered in reports, briefing papers and policy briefs include: the compliance of Polish aid with the Accra Agenda of Action (AAA), bringing the recommendations of Tanzanian NGOs into Polish ODA, the need for Country Strategy Papers, the introduction to Policy Coherence for Development, Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs), Alignment of Polish Aid to the principles of Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA), and

Dialogue with decision makers & civil society

IGO uses its expertise to actively advocate for policy changes to ensure that the ownership of Southern countries is reflected in Polish and European policies and development programmes.

We participate in the face-to-face meetings with representatives of the Polish government and MPs, organise seminars and raise the concerns of our Southern partners in expert debates and during open events for the general public.

Examples of our publications:

  • We eat. And who pays for it?, 2010
  • Voluneers in international solidarity, 2010
  • International solidarity - a critical approach, 2010
  • Polish Aid and EC Spring Package 2010. A chance for New Solidarity, 2010
  • Analysis and Recommendation for the Polish Aid Programme with the HRBA (Human Rights Based Approach) principles, 2009
  • Aid Effectiveness chapter in the Polish Development Assistance, independent reports of Polish NGO platform Grupa Zagranica, 2009
  • Policy Coherence for Development, guide for parliamentarians, 2009
  • Time for Country Strategy Papers, briefing paper, 2009
  • Analysis of Polish Aid in relation to Accra Agenda for Action (AAA), 2008
    Contribution to the Polish Development Assistance, independent reports of Polish NGO platform Grupa Zagranica, 2008
  • Development cooperation chapter in the Polish Edition of the Social Watch Report, 2008
  • Global North-Global South. Tanzania, 2008
  • Code of Conduct on Images and Messages, A guidebook for development NGOs, 2008
  • See a list of IGO's publications (in Polish)

Selected trainings:

  • Responsible management in development cooperation, for NGOs
  • Implementation of the Code of Conduct on Images and Messages, for NGOs

IGO launched its awareness raising work in 2007. Since that time we have been focusing on advocacy and development education. Research and dialogue with decision makers and civil society are the main pillars of the IGO’s advocacy programme. Our development education strategy focuses on high quality work with schools, teachers and other educators.