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Conference on Global Education in Poland

The conference on global education that took place in Warsaw on 9-10th December 2009 was an event that launched the multi-stakeholder process among Polish actors to develop a national consensus on global (development) education. The Institute of Global Responsibility (IGO) contributed to the conference by leading one of three working groups - a group on quality of global education.

The conference was entitled "The Development of Global Education in Poland. Perspectives for inter-sectoral cooperation". The scope of participatants was the widest so far, and included representatives of development NGOs, educational NGOs, regional educational authorities, teacher training centres, schools, publishers, municipalities and universities.

Keynote speeches were delivered by representatives of the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The aim of the organisers, member organisations of Grupa Zagranica, Polish NGDO platform, was to launch a multi-stakeholder process that will enable the main-streaming of high quality global education in Poland. It was crucial to engage a widest possible number of actors of development education in the country.

During the conference, the under-secretary of state in the Ministry of Education stressed that implementation of global education is a duty of every school in Poland and pledged his support for the process of development of national consensus on global education.

A big part of discussions was held in three thematic working groups:

  • definition of global education - searching for common understanding
  • place global education in the formal education system
  • quality of global education

The working group on quality of global education was moderated by Agnieszka Kochanowicz and Kordian Kochanowicz from the Institute of Global Responsibility (IGO).

During the closing session that was moderated by Marcin Wojtalik from IGO the final outcome of the conference was presented and discussed. It underlined the need for next meetings among various actors of development education in Poland and agreeing on consensus that would result in main-streaming of global education nationally.

For 2010 there are planned 6 thematic seminars for representatives of various organisations and institutions.

The final outcome, according to NGOs, should be a written consensus that would serve as a tool to coordinate and bring coherence to activities of various actors in field of development education.

Before the conference, Polish NGOs learned about the experiences from other European countries where strategies for development education are in place.

Three international guests made their speeches during the conference:

  • Pete Davis (independent consultant, formerly Oxfam GB) shared his experiences on the multi-sectoral cooperation in the United Kingdom
  • Maguel Silva (North-South Centre of the Council of Europe) presented the process of building the national strategy on global education in Portugal
  • Karina Chircu (EuropeAid) presented the programme of the European Commission that co-finances development education activities by non-state actors, including NGOs.

The conference was organised by Grupa Zagranica under the patronage of the Minister of Education and was co-financed by the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe with financial contribution of the European Commission.

The report from the conference in Polish can be accessed here.