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Policy Coherence for Development. A guide for MPs

Policy Cohrence for Development (PCD) - a guide for parlamentarians. Polish.IGO has contributed to the new publication: The Policy Coherence for Development. A practical guide. Publication, published in December 2009, will be circulated among  Members of Polish and European Parliament (MPs and MEPs).

IGO contributed to the guide by updating the original PCD Manual and adding sections relevant for the Polish context. The distribution of the manual to all Polish parliamentarians will be a first step to sensitise politicians to the topic of policy coherence.

Until now Poland has not set up any mechanisms to ensure a greater coherence of its actions with the development policy. It is worth noting that the Czech Republic, also a new member state of the European Union, during its EU presidency in 2009 proved that it could contribute to the PCD, even at the European level. The Czech Republic was engaged in the initiative that promoted local  sources of renewable energy in the developing countries.

This original PCD manual was published within the framework of the EU Coherence Programme, a project initiated by the Evert Vermeer Foundation for international solidarity, in the close cooperation with CONCORD, the European NGO Confederation for Relief and Development. The EU Coherence Programme aims to enhance the Policy Coherence for Development in the EU institutions and the Member States, and works together with a broad coalition of non-governmental organizations, both in Europe and the developing countries.

The publication in Polish can be downloaded on the website of the project Fostering Global Responsibility: Building a Development Policy Knowledge Network to enhance NGO Public Outreach Initiatives in EU New Member States.