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OECD DAC conducts a Special Review on Poland

Polish government has invited OECD DAC to conduct a Special Review on Polish aid. This is a step on a way to become the member of Development Assistance Committee of the OECD. Representatives from the Institute of Global Responsibility (IGO) participated in consultations of the DAC with Polish NGOs in January 2010.

Representatives of IGO presented the main recommendations of the Polish 2009 aid watch report and drew attention to a number of issues raised by Polish development NGOs, among others: the need to establish country strategy papers in the ODA system (none have been drafted until now), a necessity to implement the principle of ownership, quick introduction of the independent evaluation of Polish contribution to the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Many improvements to the system of Polish aid can be introduced without passing the law on development cooperation. The lack of the bill has been hindering the increase in quality of Polish aid for too long - says Katarzyna Staszewska from IGO.

The guests from the OECD recalled that in many countries there are multi-annual projects and well established systems of development cooperation even without the law passed by parliaments and annual budgeting schemes.

OECD consultations in Warsaw, palace of MFA in WarsawThe consultation meeting was held on 27th January 2010 in the palace of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Warsaw. IGO was one of seven Polish NGOs that participated in the consultations. The governmental side was represented by OECD DAC senior experts as well as representatives of two OECD member countries: Belgium and Turkey.

IGO will follow the Special Review and contribute to its outcomes. We believe that Polish membership in DAC  could contribute to increasing quality of Polish aid and  strengthen the Polish government's commitment to the international development agenda.

Poland has significantly increased its aid since the EU accession in 2004. However, is far off the track to meet its obligation towards poor countries with the target of 0.17% of GNI for ODA set for 2010. Similarly, aid effectiveness is a great challenge for Poland. Implementation of all the principles of the Paris Declaration must be dramatically improved in Polish aid.

The national aid watch report that was published in 2009 by Grupa Zagranica (the Polish NGDO platform, and a member of CONCORD) pointed to a number of areas for improvement. Experts from IGO were the authors of the chapter on aid effectiveness and researched many topics in regard to the Paris Declaration of Aid Effectiveness and the Accra Agenda for Action. The summary of the report is available in English.