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Looking for partners for EuropeAid projects

The Institute of Global Responsibility (IGO) is looking for partner organisations in for the upcoming EuropeAid call for proposals for public awareness and education for development in Europe.

IGO is active in both development education in the formal education system and in advocacy and campaigning on development issues vis-a-vis decision makers.

In the framework of development education in the formal education system, we specialise in increasing capacity of educators, including teachers, teacher trainers in in-service teacher training centres as well as educators in development education NGOs. We also actively participate in the national multi-stakeholder process that will result in creation of the Polish national strategy for development education, thus increasing the quality of development education. We have also excellent expertise in the implementation of the Code of Conduct of Images and Messages about the South.

In the framework of our research and advocacy programme, we conduct research about North-South relations, especially (but not only) about development assistance and development policy. We are co-authors of Polish independent AidWatch report published by the Polish platform every year and publish on our own many other publications. We also engage in the dialogue with decision makers and try to mobilize public support of more and better aid.

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