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Recommendations on global education

Within the framework of the consultations conducted by the Ministry of Education the Institute of Global Responsibility (IGO) submitted two recommendations regarding the shape of global education and development education in Poland.

The Ministry of Education and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) should jointly work out a mechanism that will enable to use the potential of both sides to implement the two following recommendations regarding the quality of global education in Poland:

  • Accurate image of the countries of the South - while main-streaming global education it is crucial to take into account the fact that the majority of teachers in Poland do not have in-depth knowledge of the developing countries  realities and very often even do not have sufficient access to accurate and up-to-date information on global issues. Such information should include causes of global problems and knowledge of the impact that Poles have on people in the South. The information available in Polish media hardly fulfils this need and often plays a counter-productive role by reinforcing various stereotypes of the South. For educational institutions the NGOs could serve as a reliable source of information and we  believe that they will be open to cooperation with the Ministry of Education in this regard.
  • Voices of people from the South - it is a weakness of many global education projects that they promote only the European perspective when analysing problems of other regions of the world. In practice, this leads to unfortunate aid activities, projects based on stereotypes,  and  patronising attitude towards 'uncivilised' or 'backward' countries of the South. One of the positive solutions to this problem would be to include opinions of people from the South and to treat them as equal partners that can speak for themselves and can independently assess their development paths. Polish NGOs which have partner organisations in various Southern countries could assist the Ministry of Education in ensuring that the Southern perspective are fully taken into account in global education projects in Poland.

Recommendations were submitted by the Institute of Global Responsibility to the Polish Ministry of Education in 2008. The written submissions were followed by a consultation meeting organised by the Ministry of Education.