Instytut Globalnej Odpowiedzialności

Institute of Global Responsibility‭ (‬IGO‭)‬

About IGO

Institute of Global Responsibility is an independent,‭ ‬apolitical,‭ ‬non-governmental organization which gathers people who share the view about inter-dependence of the world.‭ ‬We consider that all people are responsible for the future of our planet.‭

We opt for a development with a human face which,‭ ‬being based‭ ‬on the respect for human dignity as well as on the idea of social justice,‭ ‬conduces to elimination of poverty worldwide.‭

We think that the right to receive profits from the global progress vests to all people:‭ ‬both rich and poor.‭ The main goal of our activity is to promote the global solidarity and to raise awareness on our common responsibility for the future of the world.‭ ‬We believe that each of us is a global citizen,‭ ‬whose daily‭ ‬decisions and choices have influence on both the people in different parts of the world and on the future shape of our planet.‭

The Institute serves with its experience and expertise,‭ ‬conducing to public debate on the global responsibility of the Poles.‭ ‬The Institute deals with analyzing current trends in development assistance and with the input of our country into global politics.‭ ‬The aim of the organization is to propose solutions which increase human security,‭ ‬respect for human rights and global social justice.‭

The Institute of Global Responsibility‭ (‬IGO‭) ‬being an open,‭ ‬non-hierarchical organization based on democratic rules of decision making,‭ ‬is oriented on cooperation with people and institutions which share the idea of the development with a human face,‭ ‬based on responsibility,‭ ‬justice and global solidarity.‭

IGO issues publications,‭ ‬conducts researches and trainings.‭ ‬The goal of the Institute is to influence global awareness of the Poles by conducting development eduction,‭ ‬campaigns and advocacy.

How you can help?

The Institute of Global Responsibility‭ (‬IGO‭)‬ is open on cooperation with individuals and institutions which share the idea of global justice and solidarity and at the same time are willing to change the world through constructive actions.‭

If you have a little bit of free time,‭ ‬have interesting ideas,‭ ‬like work with people just drop us a line‭! ‬Acting together we can achieve much more‭!

Our activities‭

The Institute of Global Responsibility‭ (‬IGO‭) ‬while conducing to‭ ‬public debate on the international responsibility of the Poles and as well as by promoting the idea of development with a human face,‭ ‬conducts the following activities:‭

Recent campaigns